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Meet Adrienne Bellehumeur

Helping Companies Be Smarter, Faster, Better Through Dynamic Documentation

The New Culture of Documentation

How the Implementation of Documentation Transforms Effectiveness and Problem-Solving

Leveraging Your Knowledge

How the 24-Hour Rule and Other Untapped Documentation Skills Can Enhance Your and Your Organization’s Productivity and Momentum

Skill Stacking for High-Performing Teams

 Why and How to Add “People-Thinking” Into Your Systems-Thinking with Dynamic Documentation Practices

Adrienne Speaks on:

Adrienne's Story

Adrienne is the founder of Bellehumeur Co. and co-partner of Risk Oversight, based in Calgary, Alberta, the region’s leading firm in Internal Controls, Internal Audit, and compliance. Adrienne is the author of The 24-Hour Rule—and Other Secrets for Smarter Organizations, (Penguin Random House) - the first “mass market” book on documentation best practices. 

In her15 years of experience as an auditor, accountant, analyst, problem-solver, and independent consultant, she has developed a documentation approach she calls “Dynamic Documentation” through tackling business analyst assignments, SOX programs, audits and review engagements, information management projects, technical and proposal writing, communications and change management advising, and much more.


Dynamic Documentation has been a labor of love for Adrienne. It represents years of work with myriad professionals – accountants, lawyers, engineers, administrators, sales professionals, project managers, IT people, large companies, small business owners. It is the end-result of hundreds of client projects and (of course) many documents.

"I will readily admit that, early in my career, documentation did not come easily to me. I drowned under stacks of papers, emails, methodologies, systems, tasks, and jargon. I’d go to meetings but didn’t know what to do after them. I’d document for audits, reviews, and accounting assignments but I didn’t see the point of what I was doing."

Over the years, Adrienne has come to realize that it is not your technical skills or the latest buzzword, framework, or course that makes you effective in what you do. It is this underlying practice, hidden beneath the surface of other processes, tools, and methods. She has used Dynamic Documentation techniques to go from stumbling and bored in meetings to becoming an oracle of information. She went from not knowing how to contribute at all to driving clarity and momentum no matter the problem or context.

Adrienne can help you and your organization solve a current or long-term issue and develop your Dynamic Documentation skills--and, in the process, improve your organization, your career, and help you fulfill your personal goals, too. 

Jamie Smith, Co-Founder Amplify Advisors

"As a business owner, I can appreciate how important documentation is – and how hard it is to get your people and clients excited about it! Adrienne’s talk – and her The 24-Hour Rule and Dynamic Documentation – gives life to this critical but unsung business practice. Her presentation got rave reviews from our staff, clients, and partners who attended."

Empower and transform your employees and skyrocket the employee engagement

Marina Jagbandhansingh, Governance Professionals of Canada

“Adrienne is an energetic and dynamic speaker who provided practical takeaways for solving documentation problems in ‘The New Culture of Documentation’. We would like to have her back in the future to build on this topic.”

Karen Stewart, President Fairway Divorce Solutions

“I had a eureka moment during Adrienne’s presentation! I learned how I can use documentation to improve my business’s productivity and get out of the vortex of too many meetings. Thanks, Adrienne for the useful advice!” 

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