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Get The Gigs

A Done-For-You outreach service for the busy speaker!

In partnership with Wealthy Speaker School, we are happy to offer this program for the Wealthy Speaker School students.

What is Get The Gigs?

Get the Gigs is an outreach system that helps speakers generate more leads so they can enjoy a steady stream of income from their speaking business. Traditional methods of finding speaking opportunities involve tedious and ineffective outreach that takes time and effort. With Get the Gigs, you can enjoy a "Done For You" service where we scan our database of thousands of events actively looking for speakers like you, to find events and conferences that match your expertise and location. We then handle the entire outreach process on your behalf. You will have visibility into the outreach and can personally respond to any inquiries, RFPs, or meeting requests that turn into speaking opportunities.

Why start now?

If you are looking for a system that helps you create a predictable stream of income from speaking, then look no further. With only about 7% of speakers pitching themselves (according to the Speakerflow data), the playground is wide open for you to seize the opportunity and pitch events effectively. We will guide you from the very start to finish, from creating your pitch to pitching. Moreover, we will pitch for you, ensuring a seamless and successful process every step of the way.

What do you get?

Get ready to skyrocket your outreach program!

  • We will deliver 450-500 pitches monthly, coupled with a single email follow-up.

  • We get a 10-20% response rate, leading to an average of one discovery call per 100-120 pitches (individual results vary).

  • Monthly strategy calls with your dedicated account manager.

  • Full transparency through detailed reporting.

  • Access email addresses and contact names for easy follow-up, while responsibly growing your contact list. 

Our fees:

  • For $1500 per month with a commitment of 6 months minimum you'll receive our comprehensive outreach package.

  • We send approximately 100 emails per week, totaling around 450-500 emails monthly.

  • Our focus is on pitching to 80% events and 20% podcasts, ensuring a diverse outreach strategy.

  • With volume as our primary approach, even securing just one paid gig from this activity can cover the entire commitment period, depending on your speaker fee.

As part of the Wealthy Speaker School special discount, we are offering this program at $1299 per month. 

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