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Meet Jaclyn Gallo

Peak Performance Speaker & Author

Jaclyn Speaks on:

Jaclyn's Story

Jaclyn Gallo is a TEDx Speaker, 2x best-selling author, and the CEO of Clarity and Action Consulting. She’s also the host of the popular Spark Your Light Podcast, which has listeners in 96 countries.

Jaclyn speaks on the power of a positive, failure-forward mindset and how one’s mindset drives peak performance in both personal and professional lives. Her speech would resonate well with HR professionals, business leaders, and CEOs because she talks about the connection between a positive mindset and performance at work, and more specifically, how this has a direct impact on the corporate culture, employee productivity, and overall company performance.


Jaclyn started her first business from her college dorm room at Georgetown University. It was a total failure and she spent more than $50,000 on ideas that never made it off the ground. Applying her learnings from the failures she experienced, Jaclyn built a thriving business helping individuals and companies use failure as a springboard for their growth and success. 

Since then, Jaclyn has given more than 200 keynotes in 7 countries and has been featured on the TEDx stage as well as by Forbes, Good Morning Washington, and Thrive Global.

Casey Algeo

YPN Leadership At Comcast

"We would be thrilled to have Jaclyn back anytime to speak to our community of Comcasters again. It was such a pleasure to work with her behind the scenes and moderate the session! She is a force to be reckoned with."

Valerie Lane

The Millennial Summit

"Jaclyn was an incredible speaker to work with! From the initial conversation to the day-of keynote she was professional, asking questions to learn about our event to deliver content that would genuinely help our audience - and she went above and beyond!"

Nicole Stephenson

Society of Professional Women

"[Jaclyn's] genuine need to help others and share her wisdom is refreshing. Our group was delighted with her keynote and open discussion. She is easy to work with and leaves an impact with her audience."

Jaclyn Spoke at 

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