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Meet Jeremiah Baker

Helping Organizations Defend Against Cybercrime

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Jeremiah's Story

Meet Jeremiah Baker, a cybersecurity expert and storyteller extraordinaire. With over a decade in the field and a seat on Stanford University's Board of Advisors, Jeremiah is no stranger to the world of hacking. But don't worry, he's one of the good guys!

In his keynote speeches, Jeremiah doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk. He shares real-life hacking cases that will have you on the edge of your seat. From defeating cyber attacks on banks to outsmarting corporate hackers, Jeremiah's stories are as gripping as they are enlightening.

What sets Jeremiah apart is his passion for doing things right. He's not just about stopping hackers; he's about teaching others how to stay safe in the digital world. Through his ethical hacking methods and strategic advice, Jeremiah helps organizations lock down their defenses before the bad guys strike.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jeremiah is on a mission to make cybersecurity accessible and empowering for everyone. 

Patricia Stancati, Executive Director, G-CON

In a sea of dry statistics, Jeremiah's talk at the Retail Technology Conference in with Gilbarco Veeder-Root was a breath of fresh air! He not only shed light on the latest cybersecurity threats retailers face, but he made it genuinely engaging. If you're looking for a cybersecurity speaker who can inform and inspire with actionable advice, look no further than Jeremiah!

Empower and transform your employees and skyrocket the employee engagement

Angela Dailey

California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Jeremiah Baker puts the audience at ease when discussing the very serious threats we all face in IT Security. Our learners walked away with a clear understanding of the role they play in protecting themselves, their credit union and their members.

Mike Steep, Founder Stanford Program for Disruptive Technology & Innovation

In his work as an advisor to Stanford’s disruptive technology program, Baker has provided us with real-world recommendations that complement some of the new emerging technologies that are leveraging machine intelligence to address the threat. His new book is a must read.

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