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Meet Kuda Biza

Purpose Driven Leader


Kuda's Story

Kuda is the co-founder and CMO of Nunbelievable, a mission-based baked goods company built on a foundation of purpose: fighting hunger. 


Kuda’s drive to fight hunger stems from his childhood when he lived through the worst drought in Zimbabwe in 1992 leaving the population without any harvest and therefore no food. He saw the devastation and death, he lost friends and neighbors to hunger that overwhelmed the area. 


Some years later, Kuda arrived in America with only $40 in his pocket from Zimbabwe to study at Lynn University. After successfully graduating from university, Kuda has been able to chart his way in progressive corporate leadership roles in e-commerce and innovation.


When Kuda had the chance to co-found a cookie company to combat hunger, he didn't hesitate to quit a lucrative corporate job. With Nunbelievable, a nonreligious brand inspired by nuns, Kuda and his team attack hunger one cookie at a time. The company donated over one million meals in less than two years.


In his keynote, Kuda talks about how purpose is one of the most important pillars of one’s brand and how purpose-driven companies, studies show, retain more employees, attract talent, and increase productivity and financial growth. 

Kuda Speaks on : 

  • Purpose

  • Leadership

  • Resilience

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Manya Gupta

TEDx Youth@Berwyn

"Kuda’s talk was energetic, fun, and inspiring to all of our viewers. He was a pleasure to work with, and he truly is a passionate speaker!"

Tim Wolf, Founder

Global Hope Summit

“Kuda was fantastic to have as a part of the Global Hope Summit. His talk showed how everyone could use enterprise to support on-the-ground change across the world using his real life experiences and examples in business to show how to do it."

Sam Vaghar, Executive Director

 Millennium Campus Network

"Kuda Biza brings creativity and commitment that is rare in business and communication. Kuda inspires audience members to see possibility and focus on impact."

Kuda Spoke at 

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