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Meet Marshall Davis Jones

The Poetic Experience Creator for Impactful Communication

  Marshall Speaks on:

Marshall's Story

Marshall Davis Jones is the founder of MindBodySpeak, a renowned expert in vocal communication for high-stakes discussions. With his proven techniques, Marshall has achieved remarkable success in negotiations, conflict de-escalation, and building business relationships across diverse industries.

Throughout his career, Marshall has worked closely with industry leaders, and organizations ranging from youth development to law enforcement. His expertise in human vocal performance and affective presence has earned him positions on advisory boards for multiple tech companies.

Beyond his global speaking engagements and writing pursuits, Marshall has served as a narrative consultant for two documentaries and contributes to industry strategies through think tanks. In recognition of his achievements, he was honored as one of the top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD Class of 2022) by the United Nations.


Notably, Marshall's poetic talent has reached celestial heights, as his poems have been sent into space by NASA.


Book Marshall for transformative sessions on Strategic Storytelling, De-escalation Training, Affective Presence, as well as Mediation, Retention, and Relationship Management.

Eric Gordon

Denver Agency

Marshall took our sales team on a powerful journey to better understand voice and tone in our everyday lives.The team found a new appreciation of the connection between verbal and non verbal communication. 

Simon Sinek

Start With Why

Marshall has a rare gift for making us think, feel and realize things we never realized before all at the same time. His words flow smoothly and his meaning is deep. His poetry is a gift to all those who will listen.

Matt Whiat

Lt. Colonel US Air Force

Marshall Jones is to the spoken word what Beethoven is to the piano and what Sir Edmund Hillary is to Mount Everest. His ability to string words and phrases and ideas together into a kaleidoscope of excitement and warmth is a gift.

Marshall Spoke at 

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