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Meet Richard Blundell

Inspiring leaders to employ sustainability as a source of innovation to generate new growth

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Richard's Story

Richard Blundell has spent much of his life working and living all over the world driven by a fascination for the Earth, different cultures and a profound empathy for others. These passions were born from his experiences as a teenager working summer jobs as roughneck on the oil rigs, planting trees working on farms in Western Canada. He was an architect of the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and has since been actively engaged in climate change, clean technologies and sustainability with global companies and corporate leaders. Moreover, he has been deeply engaged in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem as a founder, advisor and ecosystem architect for over 40 years.

He has lived in 10 countries and worked in over 50. 


Today, Richard helps companies to employ sustainability as a source of innovation to generate new growth, which delivers enhanced social, environmental and economic outcomes. He helps leaders to find their purpose and their organizations to realize their full potential. Purpose and values drive culture and all aspects of business execution. It attracts, retains and grows the best employees, teams, customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders and much more.

We live in a world where the pace of change is exponential. The best leaders and teams look for discontinuity in their business models and disruptions in their value chain. It can’t be planned. It is a daily pursuit. It becomes a way of life. He approaches change as an enormous opportunity by encouraging leaders and teams “to commit and then figure it out.”  He is a passionate storyteller and educator who inspires others to take action on climate opportunities that build a bright and optimistic future.

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