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Meet Sean Flaherty

Inspiring Creativity in The People That You Lead

Sean's Story

"When you tap into the creative potential of the people, you are leading."

Sean’s work helps scale your leadership by sharing lessons from the trenches about how to use language, hold space, and foster environments that maximize clarity and optimize for innovation. Sean has developed "The Momentum Framework", a collection of contextual models and language tools that form a system that creates this space. The result is >> MOMENTUM which can be measured through relationships and innovations.

Sean started innovating with software products at 11 years old on his 8-Bit Commodore Vic-20 in the 1980s and he never stopped. He studied aviation electronics working on F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, molecular genetics at the University of Rochester, and earned an MBA from the Simon School of Business in 2006, where he now teaches and has won awards for the class that he developed. 


Through CEO and leadership roundtables worldwide and a professorship at the University of Rochester, Sean has educated thousands of business leaders on innovation, culture, trust, empathy, and "The Momentum Framework". 

Sean Speaks on:

Dwayne Nielson
Vistage International

[Sean's] presentation really touched me. The principles learned will be part of me forever.

Empower and transform your employees and skyrocket the employee engagement

Tara Wellington

After going through [Sean's] workshop and assessments for my own teams – I was able to clearly pinpoint the areas where we needed support and take action to improve our outcomes.

Doug Niccum


Thank you. [Sean's] expertise has inspired me to drive change within my own role and to help our company achieve a loyal connection with our customers. I cannot recommend Sean to you and your organization enough!

Sean Spoke at 

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